Finished setting up Scrivener for NaNo 2014

As usual, I set up Scrivener with thirty chapters, one for each day of the month. I’ll type each day in one chapter scene to watch for the magic number of 1,667 to appear for that day’s word count. After NaNo ends, I’ll sort through what I have, and try to put it all into some sort of order. LOL I’ve found that to be the best way for me to work for my writing goals.

I also set up one chapter for any photos, and another for brainstorming or whatever. And, of course, Scrivener already has character and setting templates, and it also has a research folder.

I’ve had Scrivener generate ten male and ten female random names, so I might be able to get some character names I like from those. I’m not going to worry about that tonight. It’s late, after one in the morning where I am, and I should be shutting down soon and try to get some sleep. My alarm is going off, letting me know that it’s time for meds, so I’d better go for now. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of … well, you know. LOL Not that it’s exciting, but I hope it will be once I start writing in November.


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