Night Life Chronicles: Beyond Blue Ridge

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Cover of Amy P. Reed’s novella, “Night Life Chronicles: Beyond Blue Ridge”

Can two people, separated by lies and secrets, find love together?

Wounded in the Vietnam War, Jonathan Gordan returns and finds his brother has disappeared after taking the last summer off from college. Hell bent on getting some answers, Jonathan finds himself deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the company of a lovely girl and her strange family.

Laurel Jackson is the alpha female in her pack of werewolves. Life is disrupted when a stranger shows up just as she’s come into season. Being unmated and pursued by almost every unattached male in the area, Laurel is drawn to the strange man. The only problems are that he doesn’t know werewolves exist and her main suitor decides to remove his competition before she chooses her mate.

Despite her secrets and lies, can Laurel find love and satisfaction in the arms of the human that has come into her life?

 Learn more about the novella at Night Life Chronicles.


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