Wow! Just now noticed it’s about twenty minutes to Nov. 7!

I almost messed up again for my NaBlo. Okay, a friend suggested I work on an Origins novel for my Vampires. How they came to exist on Earth or how they came to Earth in the first place. I’d been telling her that I knew how it happened, and she had her own theory, and they were both fairly similar with a few differences here and there. So, she suggested I work on that for my NaNoWriMo this year. I need to check and see what I was working on last year. I only came up with 3,099 words last year, so I really need to take a look at the file. Of course it would be set in my Night Life Chronicles world. 🙂

I might report back on what I discover, and if I’m going to do a serious attempt at it. 🙂


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