Would you cut off your hair?

Cancer is a horrible thing. I lost my mom (my best friend in the world) to colon cancer, and a very good friend of mine to brain cancer. If you can’t donate yourself (either funds or hair), then at least pass this along to others. Blessings to all who are suffering from ‘The Big C’, but not just those with the disease, but their friends and families as well.

Edit: My sister is a survivor.

It was heartbreaking when the friend I lost to brain cancer started losing her hair. She had me cut as much as the rest off that I could, and then my housemate shaved the rest for her. My hands shake too much to be able to hold even an electric razor steady.

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Would you cut off your hair?

What is one of the most treasured possessions for a woman?  Most would say their hair, or that the mere thought of losing it would give them the heebeegeebies.

Indya Harrison Indya Harrison

Look at this young woman, isn’t she beautiful?  In my eyes I still see her as a girl, crazy right seeing that she is in her 20’s?

She is my lovely niece and I have known her for over 11 years.  Her name is Indya and she has predominantly been brought up in Barbados where a lot of her family originates from.

Because I live in the UK I have not seen her that often, but it has given me the opportunity to see the changes over long periods of time which are sometimes more distinct than when someone sees one regularly.

I would say Indya is a sweet loving girl, sorry I mean young…

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